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Humboldt Lab for Empirical and Quantitative Research



The Humboldt Lab provides and the HU Library members of the Humbold University access to the following proprietary databases.
Some of the databases require users to reserve a time slot during which the database can be accessed.

Please be aware of the maintenance day when using LEQR services.

Data source Description More Information and Guides


Official Site

Extensive database of financial markets data (equity, fixed-improve, commodity exchange rates), corporate events, earnings forecasts, corporate ownership & governance, mutual funds and ESG data.
How to access Eikon
How to get started with Eikon
How to download Deal Data from Eikon
How to download ESG Data from Eikon
How to download Time series Data from Eikon

Capital IQ

Official Site

Database containing finacial information (corporate financial statements) of public and private companies worldwide.
How to access Capital IQ
About Capital IQ and the available data and data management
How to download your data on Capital IQ


Official Site

Database containing detailed financial information (corporate financial statements) of public and private companies registered in Germany.


Official Site

WRDS offers data validation, flexible delivery options, simultaneous access to multiple data sources, research-based analytics, and dedicated client support provided by doctoral-level professionals.

You can apply for a WRDS account using this form. Please make sure to select "Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin" as Subscriber, "Students (Masters / Undergrad)" or "PhD Student" (as applicable) as User Type and "School of Business and Economics" as Department. You also need to provide a valid Humboldt email address for identification. For further questions, please contact Sebastian Geschonke.


Official Site

Database containing information on board composition and director profiles from 1999 to 2022 for North America. Access in only possible within the HU network. Contact Dr. Beatriz Mariano for more Information and how to access BoardEx.