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Humboldt Lab for Empirical and Quantitative Research


Compute Servers

Here you can find instructions on how to connect to our servers. In case you face technical issues, please contact us.
Below you see a list of all our servers (only computation, no databases) with their names and the 5min average of their utilization. This shall help you to identify and use free resources faster. You can connect to any of the displayed terminal servers with your User account. Notice that you have to be within the university network to do so. Please also note: User profiles that have not been used within 90 days will be deleted automatically!

*) Please note: The local user profiles on GPU servers "sunflower" and "sunnstern" share the same storage.

Please be aware of our maintenance day.

Every 3rd tuesday of a month, from approx. 07:00 till 15:00 all LEQR servers and services are not available or unstable.

The next maintenance day will be in:
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The Humboldt Lab offer the following sicentific software on its computer serves for use by all members.



A set of various tools that are developed and provided by the Humboldt Lab.

rdcmap (Windows 7/8/10 only): This little helper provides you with a comprehensive solution to get automatic login functionality. You can fill in your login data for both data infrastructures: ESC and RDC/LEQR. Then it will securely save your login data and will also provide automatic mounting of your network/home drives.

The rdcmap utility provides the following features:
* automatic mapping your ESC network drives (when you log in to your desktop)
* automatic mapping your RDC/LEQR network drives (when you log in to your desktop)
* automatic login to all RDC/LEQR compute servers that have Microsoft Windows installed