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Humboldt Lab for Empirical and Quantitative Research



The Humboldt Lab and the HU Library provide members of the Humbold University access to the following proprietary databases.

Please be aware of the maintenance day when using LEQR services.

Data source Description More Information
CME Chicago Mercantile Exchange Weather derivate data from Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
NASDAQ News Database NASDAQ News data is collected from NASDAQ News platform (https://www.nasdaq.com) that offers news related to Global Market, US Stock Market, US Fix-income Market and etc. This dataset can only be used on academic research purpose.
Eurex - Deutsche Börse Comprehensive data series about trade activities at Deutsche Börse.
DIW SOEP Ongoing annual repeat-survey of Germans foreign nationals and immigrants in East and West Germany.
Creditreform Sample of 1.000 insolvent and 20.000 solvent companies in Germany.
PATSTAT PATSTAT contains bibliographical and legal status patent data from leading industrialised and developing countries. This is extracted from the EPO’s databases and is provided as raw data or online.
Daily Climate in China The data set about the daily climate in China from 1951 to 2012.
Daily Temperature in China The data set about the daily temperature in China from 1957 to 2009.
DWD Wetter Daten Detailed informations from DWD (Deutscher Wetter Dienst) from different weather stations.  
KOSPI Korean intraday option data of the KOSPI200 Index  
Zeitbudgeterhebung (ZBE) The study (Zeitbudgeterhebungen) conducted by the German statistical office is represented by two cross sections for 1991/92 and 2001/02 for Germany.
Genesis regional Data and information from the statistical offices of the German Länder and Bund.
Limit Order Book NASDAQ's full-depth limit order book for all stocks traded between July 2008 and Oct 2010.
Special enrollment: https:/lobsterdata.com

Free Databases

The LEQR forms the foundation for the empirical and computer supported (numeric) theoretical research.
It is the internal platform for the exchange of software and numeric algorithms.

Data source Description Link
MD*Base A collection of freely available datasets and experiment data used in publications of CRC 373 and CRC 649.
FMRI Brain Scan That data was collected by the Freie Universität Berlin and consist of 17 fMRI brain scans (fmridataXcnew) of different subjects
Experimental Data These datasets were provided by Subprojects
A6, A12, C10 at CRC649 and
FEEL - Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory, Xiamen University