Eurex - Deutsche Börse Database

The following data series from the Eurex Deutsche Börse are available at the LEQR:


Eurex Tick Data No. 1017

Xetra® Top Level Order Book. 01/2008 - 06/2013. Available on request as zipped .csv file.

Eurex Daily Market Data No. 2001

Daily Statistics cover the number of contracts traded and the volume on a daily, current-month and current-year basis as well as the open interest - the sum of all open contract positions and their values in Euro.

Eurex Tick Data No. 2002

Tick Data contain for all trades of a trading day price, volume, time as well as total volume for all options series or futures contracts.

Eurex Tick Data No. 3047

Tick Data contain all levels of the index DAX (Total Return) an a trading day.